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Letter from of Christoph Dietzfelbinger to the Ministry of Environment


It is obvious from these photos that Pinnacle is polluting the airshed.

This contradicts the promises they made when they applied for their Waste Management Permits. Due to MoE’s and Pinnacle’s refusal to install in-stack monitoring, no one knows what actually goes through the stack. Ambient air measurements seem to indicate that pollution levels dropped 20% when Newpro shut down. According to ongoing and well documented ambient air measurements, airborne pollution levels have risen 22% since Pinnacle came on stream. As no other major emissions sources were added at the time, it is a reasonable argument that Pinnacle is responsible for the increase in airborne pollution. It is a known fact that this pollution sickens and kills people.

The elected officials and public servants among you have undertaken to protect the public interest. While you have rejected all calls to ask for more stringent regulations for the polluter, you may still feel bound by the commitments you made.

This is to ask you to outline clearly what each of you intends to do to reduce the pollution in the airshed according to your mandate. Permit me to say that it is not good enough to speak to the polluter, or somehow work with them to address the issue. This has been done for a significant length of time with no result. I am now asking you to tell me and others how you are planning to reduce this harmful pollution.

Thank you for your consideration.

3 Responses to “Letter from of Christoph Dietzfelbinger to the Ministry of Environment”

  1. Jim Senka says:

    Thanks – people need to know what’s going on.

  2. Russ says:

    Hi Christoph,

    I found your letter above to be well written.

    I have a question about how air quality is monitored. Do you know someone who might be able to teach me more about measuring chemicals and their quantities in the air? I am a parent working with an elementary science student.


    Haida Gwaii

    • Christoph Dietzfelbinger says:

      Hello Russ,
      while I am certainly no expert, I help out some local people who work with purple air monitors. Those are cheap but accurate units you can install yourself. I don’t know how we could get in touch as I’m hesitant to publish mu address. I’ll ask the moderator. regards, Christoph

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