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Webinar and Meeting Services Now Available


I can now provide free online meeting and webinar services to the Clean Air Now group.

WebinarJEO is a full-featured webinar suite that gives the ability for one or more presenters to stream video and audio to an unlimited number of attendees.  The presenters can share their entire desktop, a specific program window or show a pre-recorded video or other presentation.  Webinars are automatically recorded and the recordings automatically made available to attendees and presenters.

We can also host full featured online meetings with up to 10 attendees.  Each attendee is also a presenter.  The meetings will be recorded and the recordings made available automatically to all attendees.

To create a meeting or webinar, email me the following information: webinar/meeting title, date and time, presenters’ names and email addresses, and possibly the attendees email addresses.  I can quickly set it up and guide presenters and attendees how to connect and use the tools available in the webinar or meeting environment.

I strongly recommend a brief 10 or 15 minute pre-webinar session to ensure presenters are familiar with the tools before the main event.  I will need the same info – test webinar/meeting title, date and time, presenters’ names and email addresses. 

Presenters are required to use Chrome as their web browser if they use Windows and Firefox if they use Mac OS X.

Dennis Strain

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